Following the endorsement of the President of the Republic yesterday evening, Monday, February 07, in his meeting with the Prime Minister, the Supreme Judicial Council was dissolved and replaced by a temporary body according to a decree that will be issued soon, in a complete assembly of all powers and in a complete breach of the principle of separation of powers.


In the midst of the exceptional situation and the exceptional measures that emerged from it, most notably the presidential decree No. 117-2021, which established the assembly of the legislative and executive powers in the hands of the President of the Republic, and after the President of the Republic’s unprecedented retreat from the constitutional gains and his quest to subject the judiciary to the executive authority under a system in which it is combined in his hand all powers;


It is important for the organizations and associations listed below to:

  1. express rejection in principle of any interference by the executive authority in the work of the judiciary
  2. remind that despite the shortcomings, the Supreme Judicial Council remains the only structure that guarantees the institutional independence of the judiciary in accordance with the Constitution, which has enjoyed its financial and administrative independence and self-management in a precedent of its kind
  3. we also recall the necessity of structural reform of the judicial system, but reform cannot be achieved by gathering and concentrating power in the hands of one person in an exceptional circumstance in which the pillars of the rule of law are absent from the Legislative Council and the Constitutional Court
  4. reject the fallacy of public opinion in terms of considering the Supreme Judicial Council the only one charged with verdicts, since the Council only considers files referred to it by the inspection body, which is directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, then it takes disciplinary decisions only, and in turn refers the files to the Public Prosecution if necessary
  5. condemn the direct threat posed by the President of the Republic to a constitutional institution that has been established following a participatory process and after the struggles of judges and their professional structures
  6. refuse the compliance of the executive tool with a verbal speech from the President of the Republic, and direct the security forces to surround the headquarters of the Council and prevent employees from performing their duties, in the complete absence of any legal basis
  7. call on all the forces defending democracy and the state’s civil society from civil society organizations to unite efforts and renew their commitment to defending the constitutional and independent bodies as a cornerstone in the democratic building that Tunisia has pursued, and to put an end to the repeated abuse that affects them


Signatory organizations and associations:


  1. Syndicat National des Journalistes Tunisiens
  2. L’Association Tunisienne pour la Défense des Libertés Individuelles
  3. Association des Femmes Tunisiennes pour la Recherche et le Développement
  4. Beity
  5. Avocats Sans Frontières
  6. Damj, L’association Tunisienne pour la Justice et l’égalité
  7. Organisation Mondiale Contre la Torture
  8. Association Tawhida Ben Cheikh
  9. EuroMed Droits
  10. Alert International
  11. Shams
  12. Legal Agenda
  13. Fédération Internationale pour les Droits Humains
  14. Dignity and Rehabilitation Coalition
  15. Réseau Tunisien pour la Justice Transitionnelle
  16. Kayan
  17. Aidmej
  18. Commission Internationale des Juristes
  19. Aswat Nissa
  20. Intersection for Rights and Freedoms
  21. Al Karama- for Rights and freedom
  22. Association Danseurs Citoyens Sud
  23. Comité pour le Respect des Libertés et des Droits de l’Homme pour Tunisie 
  24. Collectif Outcasts
  25. Fédération des Tunisiens pour une Citoyenneté des Deux Rives
  26. Association pour la Promotion du Droit à la Différence
  27. Association Soutcom
  28. Le Comité de Vigilance pour la Démocratie en Tunisie 
  29. Nachaz
  30. Association ATAC
  31. L’Association Voix d’ Eve
  32. Amid Vision
  33. Al Bawsala
  34. L’Observation Tunisienne des Lieux Détention
  35. Democracy Lab
  36. Association Femme Rurale Jendouba
  37. Social Accountability Association
  38. Falso
  39. Lab117
  40. No Peace Without Justice
  41. Association Naaoura
  42. Association Mada
  43. L’Art Rue
  44. Pôle Civil pour le Développement et les Droits de l’Homme
  45. Association Renouvellement et appartenance