About us

Intersection Association for Rights and Freedoms (IARF) is an independent human rights and research NGO based in Tunisia and it is founded in 2020. It seeks to contribute to strengthening both the concept and practice of freedom, democracy, and human rights in Arab countries. It is through evidence-based research, fieldwork, documentation, and reporting that Intersection Association aims at developing public policy, legislation, and practices that are in line with international conventions and treaties on human rights and democratic governance.

The establishment of Intersection Association coincides with a second wave (2018-2020) of the Arab people’s uprisings, often referred to as the Arab Spring, and the surge in state repression, extremism, and abhorrent violations of human rights in many of the region’s countries.

The founders of the Intersection Association are a group of young Arab academics, researchers, activists, lawyers, and jurists who are committed to monitor and expose the authorities’ corruption and violations of citizens’ rights and freedoms. The founders also endeavor to provide governmental decision- and policy-makers, influencers in the business domain, and relevant actors in the civil society with robust analytical studies and research in support of initiatives and policies that will inspire hope and help build modern societies where democracy, justice and human rights are safeguarded. With tremendous technological development, the association intends to use technology in applying human rights principles.